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A composition, a canvas and cocktails to celebrate #MelbourneBoston30

"My rooftop to yours" - HighLine Series 1.63 x 1.63 Acrylic on Italian linen, framed in solid handstained ebony Aus Oak

“My rooftop to yours” – HighLine Series 1.63 x 1.63 Acrylic on Italian linen, framed in solid handstained ebony Aus Oak

How are a composition, a canvas and a cocktail connected with 30 years of Melbourne and Boston?

See, hear and taste how on Thursday, 28 May at Melbourne Town Hall starting with a celebratory cocktail supplied by Melbourne Gin Co.

The composition

The American Suite, composed by Melbourne pianist/composer Gemma Turvey, will be performed by the New Palm Court Orchestra as part of the Melbourne Boston 30th Anniversary Gala. Gemma Turvey composed the American Suite while visiting Boston with the support of a Hugh Rogers Fellowship for Arts and Culture in 2014.

The canvas

A canvas featuring the work of Melbourne artist Kerry Armstrong will help raise funds to send a Melbourne artist, teacher or researcher to Boston next year! Returning to Melbourne after a successful showing at the Boston’s Liquid Arthouse in late 2014, Kerry has donated a new piece from her ‘Off the HighLine Series’ to help raise money for the Hugh Rogers Fellowships. The ‘Off the HighLine Series’ was exhibited in Boston and has received praise from national and international media.

The cocktail

Cocktail historians [yes it’s a real job] have long been seeking out the origins of the drink we call ‘gin’. Many bottles have been drained in the process, and while the criteria of gin remains vague, key elements have been agreed. There are three key elements to consider in every gin – and here’s why!

  • Gin is distilled with aromatic additives representing a departure from the decoctions and juniper berry flavored beers and wines that were fairly common from the medieval era forward.
  • Gin is grain based, a departure from brandies, distilled wines, and other spirits existent in the Game of Thrones era.
  • And finally, Gin is recreational; important because distilled juniper berry waters were once quite common, and although prone to abuse they were designed to be drank as medicine. Yes, shock horror, people used and abused their medicine for recreation (lucky we have become so civilised). Gin was intentionally distilled enjoyment, with no pretence.

Melbourne Gin Co. will be providing the gin for the Boston Spirit.

I guess it’s one way to come to terms with the end of Mad Men.