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Instant feedback boosts engagement


veski live tweet image_v4


When you plan your next event, don’t forget to include a Twitter hashtag to ensure the conversation continues long after the last guest has departed.

We have been in event planning mode for the past few months to celebrate our client veski’s significant milestone – 10 years of inspiring innovation – and make it as memorable and as momentous as possible.

Last week was chock-a-block full of events, media and celebrations, culminating in a gala dinner over the weekend on the evening of the actual anniversary. More to come on these events in upcoming blog posts!

It has involved a plethora of plans, run sheets, speech notes, venue theming, collateral writing and design and to top it all off ensuring there’s a Twitter hashtag for audience participation and to capture the conversation.

Among the events to celebrate the milestone was an industry symposium: Smart Australia 2030 at Federation Square.

When you bring an engaged audience and leading minds together to talk about the future of the country you’re going to get lots of involvement.

So, if you don’t have the right hashtag you’re going to miss out on all the valuable comments and ideas from the audience.


Here are some of the tweets from the #veski2030 symposium

veski live tweets_FA


Listen to your audience

When you listen to your audience you get instant and valuable feedback.

The next time you’re planning an event, don’t forget to include social media as part of your engagement strategy—what’s your hashtag, how are you going to manage the comments during the events and how will you ensure all participates by know how to follow the conversation.

Putting the C into creative internal events


We’ve recently helped a client deliver an internal event for 550 staff members, and even with a short lead time and a limited budget the results were quite spectacular – even if we do say so ourselves. The secret ingredient was creativity.

Just because it’s an internal event doesn’t mean it can’t be creative. And with a few creative ideas you can achieve a lot without breaking the bank.

The event in question was called a ‘Festival of Ideas’ and the aim was to encourage staff to think creatively and put their wildest, wackiest and most wonderful ideas forward. It was a huge success with more than 600 hundred quality ideas generated on the day.

So how did we help the team pull it together in only a couple of weeks?

We started by meeting with the team responsible for the event and helping them nut out the overall concept. Luckily, with only a couple of weeks up our sleeves, they had a firm grasp of what needed to be done and were willing to listen to our crew.

One of the simplest things that many people either put off or forget to do is meet with everyone involved with the event. In this case, the event included a number of stands about particular areas of the client’s organisation, so we sat down with them and helped them determine what would make their stand ‘pop’.

We asked them to consider:

• Their goal and objectives
• What made their area unique
• What they wanted people to take away from the experience/interaction
• How they would capture information.

These are questions you should ask yourself every time you get involved with an event.

As a result, the participating staff were offered an array of guest speakers and activities to encourage the creative flow of ideas; taste testing, tarot card reading, play-dough, living libraries, poignant video and even a talent show.

And now we’re knee deep in surveys and post-it notes, which will form part of a report for staff on the outcomes of the event.

Always creatively,
the c word