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Closing comment – colourful chapter concludes


Situation room pass returned, secret service detail dispersed and ‘Jack Force 1’ put back in the hangar.

This month, three years and nine months after assuming the role of Victorian President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, a truly colourful chapter came to a close and I passed along the baton.

While it has been an honour and a privilege to represent the communicators of Victoria for almost four years, it’s time for some new blood to flow through the organisation in Victoria and time for fresh challenges for me including caffeinated classrooms, cool campaigns and champagne.

In that time, we’ve seen enormous changes to the association, to our profession and to the world within which modern communicators operate. We’ve weathered a global financial crisis – or two – and survived through innovation, hard work and quality across our profession. We’ve supported our colleagues in the media as they’ve faced the challenges of the shrinking media landscape. And we’ve witnessed the rise and rise of social media and introduced a solid foundation of communication principles into the mix.

For PRIA in Victoria the past 12 months have been extremely productive and it has never been a better time to be a Member. I’m proud to say we hosted a record breaking World PR Forum with 800 delegates from around the world, we raised more than $12,000 for UN Women Australia through our Women in PR Forum and we developed networks at countless events and forums.

My personal highlights include the connections and collaborations I’ve established along the way. Most recently I have enjoyed catching up with colleagues from past and present at the World PR Forum, becoming a mentor at the speed mentoring evening and learning from the growing cohort of fellows who continue to give back to the organisation.

We continue to raise the bar in Victoria with our work and every year during my tenure as President I was inspired by the high quality campaigns recognised through State Awards for Excellence. There is an incredible amount of creative, compelling and clever communications occurring across our state from the regions to the city centre.

Finally, I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received from those PRIA members who have served with me on the Victorian Council. I’m also appreciative of the support we’ve received from the staff at the PRIA National office.

My sincere thanks to Neil O’Sullivan who has made every event and activity in Victoria a truly special and memorable occasion. We are fortunate to have a truly passionate member of the PRIA team looking after us here in Victoria.

Finally, thank you to all of the members I’ve met over the years at breakfasts, morning teas, lunches, cocktail gatherings and dinners. You truly make PRIA the great organisation it is & I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things that are ahead.

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

Closing comment – Friday 12 July – Coffee, cannoli and cod


Your Footscray ambassadors at the launch - 9 July 2013 med

On Tuesday the c word launched ‘Your Footscray’ on the roof of the Footscray Market with nine local business ambassadors and supporters including Regional Rail Link, City of Maribyrnong and the Western Bulldogs.

The social marketing campaign will run over the next six months on with weekly interviews with each of the ambassadors on a range of topics.

The aim is to raise the profile of Footscray through the eyes of our nine ambassadors and we think that by the end of six months you’ll see what they see!

We’ll also be tweeting at @YourFootscray and Facebooking at – lots of interesting content to come!

Get to know the nine ambassadors over the next six months. Here they are in c-words:

You can also book a spot on the Footscray Food Tours and along the way you’ll meet many of these ambassadors as well as a lot of other people living and working in Footscray.

Have a great weekend.


Jack & the c word crew


Closing comment – Friday 31 May – May today, June tomorrow



It’s the end of May, which means three c-words:

  • chilly – it’s June tomorrow and the start of winter
  • catch up – 30 days (= 25 business days) to achieve your mid year goals
  • countdown – the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is only 8 sleeps away!

But before we cast off into June, let’s do a quick recap of May (because we’ve been a little slack on our updates):

Plus Mad Men, too many coffees to count, a Cumulus oyster master class, business planning, strategy writing, proposals galore, website management and lots and lots of copywriting!

So what does June hold?

With 25 business days before a new budget cycle for most organisations, it means business planning, end of financial year reporting and project evaluations.

June will also see the second season of the Newsroom return to our screens. Can’t wait!

It also means tax time is just around the corner! Oh the fun. And it means we’ll all start planning our Fourth of July parties and Christmas in July gatherings.

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the c-words: champagne, catch ups, coffee and cake!


Jack and the c word crew

Closing comment – Friday 19 April – Courage, camaraderie and change around the globe plus four years of c-words


Tragic news began to pour out of the US on Monday with the terrible explosions during the Boston Marathon. Later in the week chemical fires in Texas saw more Americans killed, houses flattened and people injured. Sadly, that wasn’t the only sad news to flow out of America with the US Senate rejecting legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers. Can you believe it? I mean, what’s to reject?

But there has been lots of light among the darkness with amazing stories of courage during the events in Boston and Texas. Every day I am inspired by the people, whether they’re part of the emergency services or citizen like you and me, who work tirelessly to help the people in situations like this. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who were killed in these tragic events and those who were injured.

Closer to home, we spent the first part of the week helping our client the Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association deal with local response to the Boston bombings. It’s incredible how generous people are with their time and their resources and we saw some incredible support flowing through email and telephone channels to MBSCA. As a city, we have seen our own times of great challenge, and yet even from 1000s of kilometres away we are still eager to help.

Our neighbours in New Zealand delivered a truly positive story with their parliament voting 77 to 44 in support of legalising same-sex marriage. The heated debate leading up to the vote was overshadowed by common sense rhetoric and a humorous and poignant speech by National Party MP Maurice Williamson, which some are hailing as “one of the greatest speeches ever delivered at a marriage equality debate”.

On another positive note, yesterday marked our fourth year as the c word and we took the opportunity to celebrate with some clients, colleagues and chums. But it wasn’t all cupcakes, champagne and canapés, we also had a busy day working on proposals, finishing off projects and commencing new campaigns.

If it was a wedding anniversary, we could have sent ourselves a lovely hamper of fruit (cumquats and coconuts of course) or a beautiful bouquet of flowers (chrysanthemums or calla lilies?).

In lieu of the fruit and flowers, we took the time to consider four years of c-word themed Tweets and Facebook updates. We chewed over 1,461 days of delivering communication advice and support to clients from the government, non-profit and corporate sectors. And we completed our collection of clippings from the coverage we’ve generated for our clients during those 48 months.

We are blessed with wonderful clients, many having worked with us since the beginning. We are also grateful for our collaborators in design, in video production, in printing, in the media and in venues and logistic.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the c word the company it is today. We look forward to celebrating our fifth anniversary, and many more to come!

Now it’s time for our mid-morning nap. I mean we’re four after all!


Jack and the c word crew

Closing comment – Friday 18 January – Caffeinated classrooms & cycling confessions



While we’ve been preparing for our first Caffeinated Classroom of 2013, Oprah and her team have been busy editing, promoting and uploading her exclusive confessional with cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Before we talking cycling and confessions, let’s talk Caffeinated Classrooms. We ran our first one this morning for eight of our clients and colleagues focused on the incredible communication of 2012 – both from around the table and around the world.

They were an excellent class (very well behaved!) and provided many wonderful examples of communication they had been churning out including creative video campaigns, company mergers, member engagement and fundraising. There was also plenty of discussion about our favourite examples of communications from around the world, including:

Then it was onto what’s ahead for 2013 and everyone agreed there was a need to focus on developing creative campaigns and building support for them internally. Relationships, partnerships and content will also be a key focus.

Now onto the confessions of a cyclist.

Today saw Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong go to air in America and on the world wide web. It was a coup for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and a much needed boost for the once-ubiquitous Oprah.

In the week leading up to the interview, Oprah has been busy promoting the “Worldwide Exclusive” with interviews and teasers galore.

There has been some great commentary about the PR value for Oprah as well as what it will mean for Lance, here are a few highlights:

If nothing it reminds us all to watch or re-watch Frost/Nixon and gives us some interesting reading for the weekend papers!


Jack and the c word crew

Closing comment – Friday 5 October – C-worder collects Chancellor’s medal

Patrick Walden, 2012 USC Chancellor Medal recipient

Patrick Walden, 2012 USC Chancellor Medal recipient

Sometimes c-worder but always my brother, Patrick Walden, is collecting a prestigious medal from the Chancellor of the University of the Sunshine Coast this evening and delivering a speech on behalf of the 2012 graduands.

Congratulations to Patrick and may your career continue to flourish.

Here’s a fantastic story about his award from the USC website:

A University of the Sunshine Coast student who worked tirelessly to assist other students, despite the physical limitations of having cerebral palsy, will be honoured at USC’s Graduation ceremony on Friday 5 October.

Patrick Walden, 23, of Woombye will receive the Chancellor’s Medal – USC’s highest award for a graduating student – before a crowd of more than 1,200 people at the University’s Sports Stadium.

The medal is presented to one student at each graduation in recognition of that student’s excellence in academic performance, University governance, community service and student welfare.

Patrick will also receive a Graduate Diploma of Education and deliver the Graduate Response at the end of Friday’s ceremony, which will run from 5-6.30pm.

The 2010 USC Business graduate achieved a near-perfect grade point average of 6.917 during his postgraduate program, and his dedication to study was matched by his involvement in the University.

He worked as a Peer Adviser for USC’s Student Services, was a member of the University’s Student Liaison Committee, and helped promote USC’s award-winning Headstart Program.

Patrick said he felt a great sense of pride in being selected to receive the Chancellor’s Medal.

“I have put a lot of time into both my studies and making positive contributions to USC, so it is an honour to be recognised by USC through this prestigious award,” he said.

“I find it satisfying to help others and believe the more you put into an organisation like USC, the more you get out.”

Patrick said his Graduation speech would focus on how USC has changed since he first started studying Headstart in 2006 as a Mountain Creek State High School student.

“Also, as a major chapter like university draws to a close, it is important that all students reflect on their journeys, remember and thank the university for all it has given in order to help everyone make their dreams a reality,” he said.

“There are many key people who support each and every person through their university years and this is something which I believe needs to be recognised.”

USC’s Student Service Director Dr Eva-Marie Seeto said Patrick had been popular at USC in his role as a Peer Adviser.

“Patrick really immersed himself in the university experience by being actively involved in extra-curricular activities,” she said. “He was an inspirational mentor for new students as he had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve and he made the most of every opportunity.”

Patrick recently completed his first teaching contract at Coolum State High School, where he taught Business and Information and Communications Technology.

— Terry Walsh