Let the games begin


Have you ever raced to answer a question on Facebook? Ever booked a flight just to keep that little plane in your frequent flyer profile flying? Or perhaps you were one of the many Australian households that collected those mini plastic grocery items?

Guilty? So are we! It’s all part of playing the game, or the gamification of life as it’s become.

People love a little friendly competition, which is why gamification has become a common part of marketing, loyalty programs, employee engagement and many more aspects of modern business.

So what is gamification?

While you might assume that gamification is a recent trend, it was actually stems from the community building and coupon-focused advertising created by 1950s Mad Men Howard Luck Gossage.

Gamification is the act of employing lessons from your favourite games (well, game theory in general) to non-game related endeavours.

Whether you’re seeking to improve productivity in your organisation, increase community engagement or change behaviours, think about how you can apply lessons from your favourite game. Monopoly? Guess Who?

Here are some simple ideas to start playing today:

  1. Ask questions of your social media community and feed their desire to be part of the solution
  2. Introduce a rewards component into your next internal communications campaign
  3. Leave breadcrumbs for readers of your e-newsletter or website to find and collect
  4. Add a little game to your next brainstorming session … it’s the perfect idea generator
  5. Add a quiz to your next communications piece, to engage and test people’s understanding.

Let the fun begin!

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

PS. Even Bill & Melinda love games!

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