Catriona’s content

Catriona’s content

CatrionaFrenchSandDunesIf you’ve been following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram lately, then you may have seen one or two of our posts about Catriona Rowntree’s new travel site Journeys to Come. Who doesn’t love travel?!

We’re excited to be working with Catriona and loving the excuse to talk travel!

Catriona is currently creating content for the site, and filming for Getaway, in France, where she recently recorded her latest Facebook Live from atop the Eiffel Tower. Hats off to Catriona, who has taken to Facebook Live like a fish to water!

If you haven’t already, add some more travel to your day via:

A site dedicated to sharing Catriona’s love of travel. Each week she shares regular features including a Guest Traveller piece, Ask The Concierge and Come Fly with Me. She also shares her own travel adventures and tips and tricks.

Do you have a travel story to share? Email with details of the holiday you would like to write about!


Every Wednesday, tune in for a travel tale from a different part of the world. So far we’ve discovered the best hotels in Australia, travelled beyond Paris to Normandy and Lyon, met a group of Aussie trailblazers in Dubai, and found our ultimate travel term: BLeisure!

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Weekly Travel Update

CatrionaShareYourJourneysEvery Thursday, Catriona fills your inbox with a little travel inspiration. As well as sharing her latest adventures, Catriona brings you travel pics from her growing travel community, and provides handy links to all the great content on the site! PLUS you can win your own travel adventures thanks to regular competitions.

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And of course, social media

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