TV ‘idea’ creates head spin



There are some ideas that should go straight to the cutting room floor.

Case in point: the Melbourne PR consultant’s pilot for a Gruen-style TV show about the public relations industry.

While this pilot doesn’t deserve any more airtime, I wanted to share a few thoughts on the cringe-worthy concept. I also asked a few colleagues to share their instant reactions and I’ve included a few of their comments below.

Before I add my two cents worth, I wanted to say CAPS off to Fee Townshend from Eleven who shared her views in ‘Don’t spin it, bin it’.

Now to the ‘idea’. It presents an outdated concept of a PR professional. After years of hard work moving the profession away from the spin stereotype, a show like this, even a poorly animated pilot, could wash a lot of this hard work down the drain.

And the cast. Rather predictable and more befitting a reality TV show than a panel about PR. I mean seriously, where is the homage to Spicy Spicer?

What do you think? Would you watch?

We asked some colleagues to share their thoughts. Here are a few they shared with us:

Any PR agency worth its salt would run a million miles from this but, then again, it might help to expose the greedy ‘at any cost’ agencies still lurking and willing to engage in dodgy practice. While there are still many companies out there willing to put profits before people or the planet, it’s becoming easier to find them out. Ps ah, they’re missing the whole point of Gruen!

Just sounds boring. “Gruen” meets “Hypothetical” with Geoffrey Robinson. And totally inappropriate to be discussing crises in this context – let’s “spin” Grenfell Tower. Entertainment out of catastrophe.  Maybe the crisis that is Channel 10 would be interested.

Would have thought someone with the professional background he claims would have a more informed knowledge of PR … an attempt at self promotion?

Very sad to see such a terrible and total misrepresentation of what we do as communicators. It highlights a clear disconnection between its creator and the modern, dynamic profession that exists here in Australia. It should get as much attention with networks as I give to my dust-gathering keyboard. I urge the industry to set it aside and continue with the fantastic work being done in Australia. 

This show undoes any progress we’ve made in establishing the credibility and scope of what Public Relations covers. It distills our profession into a farce that ‘makes and destroys reputations’.


Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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