Communication critical for #FlexWorkFullLife

Outcomes not hours

Flexibility means tracking outcomes not hours – Flexible CEO Jack Walden

How flexible are you? Today is national Flexible Working Day and we’re proud to be working with the team at Career Inside Track to help facilitate this important national conversation. Share your experiences of working flexible with #FlexWorkFullLife on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Communication is a key ingredient in supporting flexible working practices and the need to improve communication among team members is key to achieving greater flexibility and a fuller life, according to results from a national survey into flexible working practices released today for ‘Flexible Working Day’.

The survey reveals that Australian workplaces and employees are still relatively inflexible with flexible working arrangements, which may be contributing to ‘flexism’ and preventing businesses from realising their full potential.

While more than 80 percent of respondents embraced some form of flexibility in their jobs, less than 40 per cent had formal flexible work practices in place, leaving room for employers and employees to miss out on the benefits of true flexible working and creating an environment for ‘flexism’ to thrive.

The report, prepared by Career Inside Track, aims to support a conversation among Australian employees and employers from private, government and non-profit sectors as part of the first-ever national Flexible Working Day, with participants taking the opportunity to assess their FlexWork maturity level, discuss the benefits of flexible work practices and share their own stories of flexibility.


The report also highlights the importance of celebrating employees working flexibly to demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to flexible working, further highlighting the important role for communicators in supporting flexible workplaces.

Ambassadors for Flexible Working Day, including journalists Tracey Spicer and Angela Priestley, sporting champions Kim Brennan and Tom Faulkner, and chief executives and senior leaders from Diversity Council of Australia, GM Holden, Medibank, FlexCareers and other leading companies, are showing their support through events within their own organisations, sharing personal stories and photos on social media, and speaking with colleagues about how to make flexible working arrangements work for them.

Flexible Working Day is proudly supported by FlexCareers, The Parenthood and Women’s Agenda.

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