Communication classes & corporate chill out


IMG_4190.jpgWhat does success mean to you?

That was the question I had to consider yesterday as the final presenter for PRIA’s Summer Masterclass in Melbourne.

So how do you kick off a discussion on a topic that means something different to every single person? Open it up to the floor, that’s how!

I started by asking the class of communicators to share some of their recent successes. The response was amazing with some truly remarkable personal and professional success stories.

While each story was different, they were all underpinned by key characteristics that had helped them achieve that success. SUCCESS, we had reach a great point to jump into Richard St John’s 8 Secrets of Success.

If you haven’t watched this short video or read about the 8 traits of great, then do yourself a favour and check out the Ted.

With Australia Day almost here, meaning the official start of the working year for many, it’s important to reflect on what success will look like in 2016 for you. And also take the time to celebrate your successes from 2015 – and work out how you achieved them.

After a hectic week of speaking engagements, multi-tasking and running from meeting to meeting, we were in desperate need of a chill out. Luckily for us we got to try our first yoga session this morning. An early start was the perfect way to set ourselves up for success personally and professionally – and a good opportunity to start practicing some mindfulness.

According to The Harvard Business Review, “As a leadership strategy, mindfulness helps people to be more effective by directing focus to the most pertinent task at hand. Deprogramming multitasking tendencies and intentionally focusing with full attention results in higher quality interactions and decisions. Mindful decision makers take the time to consider all of their options, and therefore make more-informed decisions. Managers who model and promote mindful practices with their teams create an environment of engagement.” In the world of smartphones and always being “on”, taking time out to make important decisions can lead to better results in business.

David Gelles, a reporter for The New York Times, first reported on the rise of corporate mindfulness programs in 2012 for The Financial Times, when he described a novel but promising initiative at General Mills. Since then, similar training programs have been introduced at Ford, Google, Target, Adobe  – so bring on more corporate yoga.

namaste and Happy Australia Day,

Jack and the c word crew.

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