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With the new Cabinet contained, the AFL and NRL grand finals over for another year, and several weeks before another celebratory public holiday, we were concerned we’d have nothing to blog about this week.

Just when we were considering c-words to describe the “it’s hot and it’s cold” weather in Melbourne (yawn),  Kate Ceberano got ousted from the Qantas Lounge for wearing flip-flops. Ms Ceberano, disgusted with the treatment and disrespect of her Haviana thongs, took to social media to vent about her “experience” and gave us content for our blog for the week.

757792-c7ae9a28-6b1a-11e5-a6ff-375823713d47Who cares? I can hear you thinking. Well, ten thousand plus Australians have liked the picture of Ms Ceberano’s foot on Facebook … and counting. Thousands have even commented saying it is “un-Australian” to have a dress code or that they’d rather fly Virgin.

Qantas hasn’t taken to social media to formally respond. But considering the evidence all over the internet, and their pre-existing lounge dress policies. They might just let this one fly by.

I’m sure Kate is used to the ‘experience’ we all relate to when flying: perfect timing with departure, the smiley, welcoming staff who maintain their airline’s tradition of great service, warm towelettes doled out both after departure and before arrival, the entertainment system that makes you want to stay on board, and the liberal provision of drinks. So this harrowing experience I’m sure will make Kate pack a pair of closed in shoes on her next business trip.

Rules are rules, and even with Kate’s 25 year member status they still apply. You’d think after being a Qantas member for 25 years you would know the policies … but alas maybe she hadn’t flown in a while.

But enough about that. And onto something else that has been around for 25 years. Something worth celebrating. It’s 25 years since the first copy of the Herald Sun was printed. The Herald Sun arrived in 1990 when the morning paper The Sun News-Pictorial was amalgamated with its sister broadsheet The Herald. The first press was 8 October. The Herald Sun is Victoria’s favourite Tabloid newspaper if numbers are anything to go by, both in print and digitally.

The baby of NewsCorp has gathered a big following over the past 25 years. From blue collared workers to business men. The paper has evolved with the times, as have ideas of who the readers are and what they want and need. The digital version has allowed the paper to embrace new technologies and redefine how the news is presented. Indeed, The Herald Sun is only a young paper, but has already redefined and reinvented itself many times. Of course it’s had its bouts of trouble, but what 25 year old hasn’t?

In recent years, Herald Sun readers have become accustomed to a supermarket of information in a tabloid style paper packed with world, national, suburban and city news, and a panoply of sports, business, arts, entertainment, science and other subjects. There is something for everyone, and it’s easy to read and entertaining. Most readers of the Herald Sun and any newspaper today are already aware of breaking news from broadcast and Internet sources, which means these papers must provide higher level analysis and interpretation.

Happy Birthday!

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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