Counting crows and citizen science

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Last October we helped launch the #AussieBirdCount in Sydney, this October we’ll be at Fed Square (another iconic backyard)

Excuse the ornithologically inspired blog post but we’re actually counting crows, not listening to the band.

We’re counting down to national Bird Week, which runs from 19 to 25 October, and we’ve become a little obsessed with the colourful stories of Aussie birds, and the people who share their backyards with them.

This is the fourth year the c word has been part of the PR team for this fantastic annual event, and every year it keeps getting better. We are excited to again be helping BirdLife Australia deliver the Aussie Backyard Bird Count – a citizen science project and Australia’s largest bird survey.

With less than a month until people head into their backyards, the countdown is on for the largest annual event on the BirdLife Australia’s calendar, and our crew is working hard to help deliver the best national Bird Week yet.

Do you have a story about Aussie birds to share?

We’ve been working closely with our contacts in the media with a passion for Aussie birds, as well as Aussie twitchers and ornithological specialists, to get ready for the event.

These conversations have already led us down some very interesting garden paths. We’ve chatted with a couple who have been in a bird count off for fifteen years (chasing a personal 700 species record), a group of bird watchers who enjoy craft beer while participating in a 24 hour twitch, and a woman who “felt like she was partly deaf before learning to understand the call of Aussie birds”.

The bird counting app is back and it’s even easier for Australians to get involved in the art of bird watching. Anyone can be a twitcher – from professionals such as Sean Dooley Editor of Birdlife Magazine to children playing in their backyards. The app is fun, user-friendly and creates an interactive experience.

Have you got 20 minutes? Have you got a smart phone? Then you can bird watch too. Get involved in the bird survey, download the app and get counting. We want to hear from all types of people, from all areas. This citizen science project will involve professionals from all over Australia along with non-professionals to collect and analyse the data, adding to BirdLife’s already large bank of knowledge.

Our aim is to help BirdLife Australia count 1 million birds in 7 days.

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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