Curated #CommsCorner – communicators from the past and present


TCW_complimentsIn the #CommsCorner this week, we chat (by way of content curation) to a number of global leaders, past and present, in communications.

First up an Australian author. Years ago we had the pleasure of spending some time with Helen Garner while working with the Judicial College of Victoria. We’ve continued to keep her books close to hand, and thought we’d start with a great interview we found from the 1980s with the Australian author talking about writing.

Going Down Swinging asked her “have you always had confidence about your feel for language?”

Helen replied: “When I was a kid at primary school we still learnt parsing and analysis. We were taught to pull a sentence apart and put it back together. I’ve always been glad about that because I don’t think it’s being taught any more. Yeah, I feel comfortable putting words together. I went to university and crawled out of there with a third class degree in English and French. That experience was more social and sexual than intellectual for me.”

From the archives of an Aussie literary magazine to the American airwaves with NPR and Twitter, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey was interviewed in 2013 about social media. He started off by talking about the lessons he learnt from his parents.

Before Twitter, there was the great communicator Daniel Edelman (who has sadly since passed). He was interviewed by PR Week back in 2007 and shared his thoughts on a range of PR topics including “the characteristics of the successful PR professional today”.

He said: “A PR director in a company has to be able to help direct his company in a way that helps meet problems the company may have, and any negatives that have been raised. You have to be alert to that all the time.”

And from the pages of the current communications news, Arianna Huffington talks about content. In this New York Times piece she’s heard telling her staff “‘I think let’s start iterating,’’ she said. ‘‘Let’s not wait for the perfect product.’’ She’s talking about a new feature for her site focused on the good work of the media.

Finally, if you’re after some more Q&As with world leading communicators, check out the podcasts from the Newseum (one of our favourite places to spend a few hours or few days while in the US).

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