Columns, cats, celebrities and cash


ausnewsNews making news this week, The Huffington Post has launched an Australian version, with co-host of Today Lisa Wilkinson appointed as its editor-at-large.

Supported by Fairfax Media, HuffPost Australia appears to be a positive addition to burgeoning local online media
landscape. Other players in the competitive field include the Guardian Australia, Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail Australia. In addition there are traditional players including, Fairfax digital mastheads and ABC News online. The combination of players brings a range of content for a diverse readership – all easily accessible for the ever-growing audience.

And to give you a sense of the growing audience: HuffPost AU’s twitter following has almost reached 5,000.

The Huffington Post has a massive following in the US and sets its own political agenda (watch out Donald Trump). It allows readers to comment on the columns and have their say. How will the Huffington Post survive in the sunburnt country?

HuffPost Australia has outlined a goal to be profitable within three years, but it has already sparked controversy over its practice not to pay all of its contributors to its blog. It’s something also done by Buzzfeed; offering those who contribute ‘exposure’ rather than ‘cash’.

With the overwhelming success of platforms like Buzzed our crew at the c word thinks the Huffington Post with its broad range of content and opinion pieces has a great chance of survival in the local market and will be a great addition to the digital media we can get our hands on.

“HuffPost Australia will be dedicated to producing great original reporting about the critical issues that Australians face, and to telling stories that focus on helping Australians live more fulfilling lives, while opening up our blogging platform to voices from all across the country to start a conversation on the topics that matter to Australians most,” said the Queen of The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington.

To celebrate the arrival of the local version of the Huffington Post, we took a look at the c word sections that this online medium contains in its columns, including a whole area dedicated to cats (we know this is popular after channel 7’s TV show last week).

Here are our top five c word picks from the original US version:

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew



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