Closing comment – Charlotte’s clout


The rapid pace of change within digital media was further highlighted this week with the arrival of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, celebrated with an official tweet of her birth certificate from Kensington Palace.

Less than two years after her brother’s arrival, which spread across the interwebs but was announced in a more traditional way, Kensington Palace used Twitter as the main platform to announce the arrival of the latest royal family member. This marked change from Prince George’s arrival makes you realise digital platforms like Twitter are truly ubiquitous; even getting the Royal treatment.

The press and bookies alike speculated about the baby’s sex, name, birth date and even weight, but in an eerie predication, two years ago all most to the day a lady on Twitter had it picked.

Again, the Royal couple didn’t opt for a modernistic or alternative name like Crown, Diamond or Jubilee, but rather chose a name from the King in-waiting’s side of the family. Charlotte, a feminine form of Charles, is a likely salute to her grandfather. The middle names acknowledge the baby’s great-grandmother, and her paternal grandmother, Diana, who died in 1997.

This new Royal isn’t just any pink, cute new born. She’s already a fashion influence expected to deliver UK retailers billions of dollars in coming years. Like mother, like daughter: even the beanie worn home from hospital has already been copied by couture* fashion houses worldwide.

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

This baby, like the rest of the Royal Family is an iconic emblem for the United Kingdom and, and in a sense she is not only a little human, but a burgeoning brand. The Queen and her family collectively stand as a globally recognised symbol of the UK and for millions around the world are synonymous with history, image and strength.

One of the Monarchy’s strongest assets in recent years has been The Duchess of Cambridge who, despite being a relatively new member of the family, has captured the world’s attention. ‘The Kate Effect’ began as news of the Royal Engagement was announced towards the end of 2010.

This new addition to the Royal Family, like her mother Catherine will be yet another fresh face that this traditional brand needs.

The Monarchy remains a quintessentially British tradition of which people are proud, and with the birth of this little princess it gives the public and media something positive to focus on.

Cheers, Jack and the c word crew


* Note to Jackie from RHOM, this is the way to use Courture, darling 😉

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