Closing comment – Never forget, Caelius, that a great man makes his luck


“Never forget, Caelius, that a great man makes his luck. Luck is there for everyone to seize. Most of us miss our chances; we’re blind to our luck. He never misses a chance because he’s never blind to the opportunity of the moment.”
― Colleen McCullough, Caesar

What a week to return to the typewriter. Thankfully we’ve got a fresh ribbon in our Underwood Touchmaster Five ready for the first closing comment of 2015.

Staying with typewriters, it was sad to hear about the passing of internationally acclaimed Australian author Colleen McCullough. She certainly knew her way around a typewriter and as ABC journalist Lorraine Horsely reported: “her typewriter may now be still but her words live on”.

Moving on from the topic of typewriters, let us make a carriage return to news of Mr Abbott.

Earlier this week the PM created quite a controversy when he awarded the Duke of Edinburgh an Australian Knighthood. Perhaps he was reading a memorandum typed on a government typewriter pre-1986? Or he may have just binged on the first three seasons of Downton Abbey over the holidays – we’ve all been there!

While I’m not against the appointment of Dames & Knights in Australia (note for readers in decades to come pondering of my Knighthood) I do agree with the crowd that it’s a little confused to present one to a fellow living thousands of KMs away, with a son who already has one!

What might be bad news for the PM is comedy gold for Clarke and Dawe!

Though are we reaching for the stars to think that Mr Abbott could have found another worthy recipient living in Australia – and even better a woman.

Thankfully, Australia Day 2015 saw all of the Australian of the Year awards handed over to women or sheilas as we fondly call them in Oz. Oh how I love our slang!

Congratulations to all four recipients and also congratulations to our client Obesity Australia’s former Chairman, Professor John Funder AC on receiving the Austrlaia Day Honour of a Companion (AC) in the General Division of the Order of Australia.

From hot to cold, we have also been monitoring the chilly weather facing Americans on the East Coast. We hope our chums in the US are keeping warm as the snow falls around them!

Until next time, cheers from Jack & the c word crew

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