Closing comment – Celebrating 50 years of Bewitched: comedy, advertising and a witch


Fifty years ago this week a charming witch named Samantha met a mortal advertising executive named Darrin and the rest is comedic history.

Five decades on, and two Darrins later, we thought we’d look at some magical tips we can conjure up from the show’s almost-decade long run.

  1.  Someone is always looking (remember their nosy neighbours) – so consider what your actions, website, social media and publications are communicating even when you’re not with them!
  2. Magic doesn’t solve every problem – sometimes you need to knuckle down and work your way through an issue/challenge
  3. Make an entrance with a burst of smoke – every major event needs a little smoke to set the scene and stun the audience into silence
  4. Always be ready for the unexpected – whether it’s an extra guest for a roundtable discussion or a publication delivery gone MIA; have a plan B, C & D
  5. Be ready to explain yourself and answer difficult questions – so you probably wont have to explain why a witch would marry a mortal but you should always be well informed and ready to answer questions about your products/services/programs!

And always remember that your facial expressions can reveal a lot about what you are saying – think nose twitch!

While researching this story (also known as scouring Google) we were transported back to the internet in the 90s with the wonderful broomstick for a mouse-clicker on

Now to go work on our nose twitches!

Jack & the c word crew

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