School’s back for winter and the modern communicator


Human head with comms roles_v3I’m thrilled to be part of PRIA’s Winter School program in Melbourne from 16-18 June. It’s an event for both experienced and emerging communication practitioners, where industry professionals will share their insights, strategies and tools for the modern communicator.

First up, and leading the charge, it’s my job to set the scene for a stellar line up of speakers across the three days and get the room energised.

I’ll be covering trends in the industry including the converging landscape and what the shrinking industry means to those within it with journos moving into pr roles, ad agencies dabbling in public relations as well as social, brand and marketing campaigns.

Here’s a peak behind the curtain …

What does the modern communicator do?

As well as being exemplar writers, bloggers and Tweeters we also need to be expert strategic planners, stakeholder engagement specialists, community and media managers, and the list goes on.

So, how are we coping with all the demands of the modern communication landscape?

Although the pressure to be constantly ‘on’ is wreaking havoc with the posture of the modern day PR professional, we are incredibly adaptive and as such can meet the needs of today’s landscape, learning a range of diverse skills and sharing them with our clients and organisations.

And, what’s next for the industry?

As an industry we’re moving away from the term ‘PR’ and the reputation it has developed. Today’s communication professionals can be involved in a range of areas within an organisation from traditional activities such as investor relations, media relations and internal communications to emerging areas such as corporate social responsibility and digital storytelling. I’ll explore these trends and give you the numbers that support a move towards building employee brand advocates and trust, both internally and externally.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for communication professionals, with social media bringing about real feedback for organisations and an opportunity to build relationships with customers and clients.

So, for anyone looking to sharpen their skills, connect with industry professionals and broaden their understanding of the industry the PRIA Winter School event is not to be missed.

See you there.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Cheers, Jack

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