The three day week, cashing in on the royals & a majestic milestones


Sandwiched between Easter and Anzac Day are three little work days that people often avoid. For those of us who did not escape the city for greener pastures we managed to fit five days into three.

But we still stole some time for keeping up with the news. And here are a few things that caught our eye.

Aussie tourism cashing in on 10-day royal tour
It might be the first time in 40 years Australia hasn’t had a tourism minister but that hasn’t stopped the tourists from coming. These days their visits have more to do with celebrity pull than traditional tourism advertising. It’s estimated that the 10-day royal tour cost taxpayers more than $2 million, and the images of the royal couple at our iconic locations has led to a spike in Aussie tourism. Last night also saw the Australian premiere of the Modern Family Australian vacation episode. Tourism officials will be hoping these visits deliver big spikes in holiday bookings similar to Oprah and Ellen’s tours down under.

Majestic milestone
Last Monday, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 88th birthday—that makes her the longest serving monarch in British history! With that in mind do you think that Charles will ever be crowned the king and would it be good for the country? Given that the British monarchy drives an annual estimated sum of £500m a year from tourism would it be in their best interest to destabilise things now, when the next generation are so loved? Note to self, celebrity endorsements still work wonders!

Another royal birthday this week—or so they think—is that of William Shakespeare. It’s been 450 years since his wit and use of the English language had audiences laughing and sometimes crying in their seats. He’s literary royalty and to mark this occasion Mashable put together some super Shakespearean insults.

Want to know our favourite?

Here it is:

‘I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are armed’.

Next time you think about insulting someone take a minute to consider what Shakespeare might say, instead of the usual four letter option.

This handy hint could be particularly helpful for the ‘Real’ Housewives of Melbourne.

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