Closing comment – cochlear, cats & Chinese collaborations


This week, we helped our client veski welcome three leading researchers back to Australia to continue their groundbreaking research in three of Victoria’s leading research institutions.

veski innovation fellows Professor Colette McKay, Dr Ethan Goddard-Borger and Dr Luke Connal – and their groundbreaking research projects – were given a special welcome home at an official ceremony with the Melbourne CBD as a fitting backdrop.

Our day started with c-words when Colette McKay from the Bionics Institute and her incredible research with cochlear implants made the front page of the Herald Sun. Brigid O’Connell wrote about the difference Colette’s research will make to people of all ages suffering from severe deafness; her research will make it easier and quicker to program cochlear implants.

The c words continued with Ethan Goddard-Borger from the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute and his research into a parasite carried by cats that can be harmful to expectant mothers and others. He’s a chemist who will be charting new territory in the area of chemical biology.

More c-words from the third innovation fellow Luke Connal from the University of Melbourne who was unable to attend the ceremony as he was in China developing collaborations for his work on materials of the future. Luke’s research could lead to the development of a range of new materials including anti-bacterial paints for hospitals, biofuels and new detergents.

You can hear all about Colette, Ethan & Luke’s inspiring research in three videos created by the c word crew in close collaboration with our client, the innovation fellows & the creative cinematographers at Burning House.

And if that wasn’t enough for one evening, the audience of science, government and business representatives discovered more about veski’s inspiring students (& teachers) program and the fact that the three fellows share a true passion for supporting the next generation of scientists and researchers.

Consider the c-words of science over the weekend and spare a thought for the men and women under the lab coats behind the research and the discoveries.

Cheers, Jack & the c word crew

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