Closing comment – Friday 19 July – Clothing optional


It appears clothing is optional in Australia at the moment with the chase of a chubby streaker taking over the State of Origin decider and the name of the advertising agency embroiled in another Labor party communications controversy.

Before the coppers had finished chasing Wati Holmwood across the field his cheeky curves were already on their way to being digital stars. Within hours the worldwide web was filled with Holmwood-dedicated memes and a Facebook community named in his honour.

According to one report: “Holmwood’s rotund figure has been likened to a hippopotamus and his dainty pose equated to that struck by the Bolshoi ballet”.

Earlier in the week, Naked, a successful Australian advertising agency with a name that trades on a lack of clothes, made headlines for offering up Rudd in exchange for free advertising and editorial.

A simple strategy document put the whole campaign in a cloud and caused quite a bit of controversy for the ad agency.

It just goes to show how careful you need to be about your communications activities and the importance of considering all implications.

Hopefully this weather continues in Melbourne and we can continue to shed some of our clothing – but we’ll keep the majority of it on.


Jack & the c word crew

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