Closing comment – Friday 7 December – Caring, charity and Cruden Farm


Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Media Release


This week, the world lost an incredibly caring, colourful and charitable character; Dame Elisabeth Joy Murdoch AC DBE.

The philanthropist and media matriarch Dame Elisabeth Murdoch died at the age of 103 at her beloved home, Cruden Farm, just outside Melbourne.

She will be missed by so many people including her family with more than 70 direct descendants including media baron, Rupert Murdoch. She will also be missed by the people who live in her local communities, and the thousands of national and international people who have visited her gardens at Cruden Farm over the past decades.

And she will be missed by the people involved with the countless charities she supported year in, year out. Not just the board members, staff and large donors but also the people benefiting from her philanthropy and hands on support. From the generations of children who have been treated at the Royal Children’s Hospital to the researchers and people who have benefited from her support of medical research to the millions of art enthusiasts who’ve benefited from her patronage.

I think we’ve all learned one or two (or probably many more) things from the Murdoch Matriarch. Here are some quotes from past interviews that provide ongoing inspiration:

  • “Be optimistic – and always think of other people before yourself.”
  • “If you’ve money, it is perfectly easy to give it away. Nothing to be particularly proud of, but it is being involved and knowing what you’re helping and you know, really being committed.”
  • On her relationship with, and respect for, her son: “we don’t always see eye to eye or agree, but we do respect each other’s opinions and I think that’s important”.
  • “Although I am so old, really very old, people’s assumptions are quite wrong. They don’t realise that I still have the capacity to enjoy life,”

It is no surprise that thousands of people are expected to attend a state memorial service to celebrate and honour her extraordinary life.

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC, DBE will be honoured with a State Memorial Service to be held at 11am on Tuesday 18 December at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

Dame Elisabeth Joy Murdoch AC DBE thank you.



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