Closing comment – Friday 20 July – C-acronyms: CMS, CSR and CRM

Bento Box shot by Aram K (source: flickr)

Bento Box shot by Aram K (source: flickr)

We’ve been collecting c-acronyms this week including Content Management Systems (CMS), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Not only are we investigating potential CRM and CMS solutions for a couple of clients, we are also testing them out with our own crew. It’s incredible how many great choices are available and how many are in the cloud.

Our crew has also continued to collaborate on some exciting CSR projects and every day we are thrilled to discover more amazing CSR initiatives occurring right here in Melbourne.

On Thursday night, our chief associate Helen Steel attended the launch of a new book edited by Sara James called An Extraordinary School. The book is the story of an innovative school that will challenge you to re-think how special education is taught.

The book is about Port Phillip Specialist School, which has received national and international recognition as a best-practice model for educating children with special needs. Sara was on The Circle earlier this week and profiled in a recent issue of The Good Weekend.

While it’s been a busy week of work, we have managed to find time between c-acronyms and book launches to try (and try) the tasty new Japanese café around the corner. Nama Nama comes to us courtesy of the co-owners at Izakaya Den. The Bento Boxes, particularly the surprise, are delicious and perfect conversation starters for a meeting or a lunch.

Finally, with my hat on as State President for PRIA in Victoria, I have some exciting news to report. With five months still to go until the World PR Forum in November, more than 400 people have registered to attend from 20 different countries.

Have a great weekend and send us your favourite c-acronyms.


Jack & the c word crew

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