Closing comment – Friday 6 July – Save the singing for the shower


This week the c word celebrated Fourth of July alongside our American friends, so a belated happy Independence Day to you all. While we didn’t manage to have the day off, we did consume our fair share of American candy as recompense; mainly Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in their miniature form.

In keeping with the US theme, Tuesday night we attended the US Consulate’s Independence Day function at the Fox Classic Cars Museum in Docklands. It was great to catch up with the many Americans and honorary Americans living in Melbourne including author and NBC Correspondent Sara James, American Australian Association’s Regina Khart and General Manager of the Melbourne Aces Windsor Knox.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers of the US Consulate for organising another wonderful celebration of their Independence – 236 candles required to mark their birthday. Congratulations also to the lovely Sally Branson who received an employee of the year award on the very same day.

Our next topic comes with this advice: singing should be kept to the stage, the shower or on rare occasions the lounge room in the company of extremely close friends and truckloads of tequila.

Even if you have the world’s most wonderful voice, a media interview is not to appropriate place to prove it, unless of course it’s your profession (and even then it’s questionable). What I can say for sure is a politician should never end their television media interview with a jingle. But thank you Craig Emerson for providing the laughs this week and taking us back to the singing and dancing pollie days of Midday with KAK.

Final topic for this week’s Closing Comment: culinary delights and conversations. We had a number of great chats about communications over coffee and calories this week, some scheduled and many impromptu.

We started the week with back to back coffees at the c word HQ Milton House with a journo, an event coordinator and a CEO. Sounds like the candlestick maker etc doesn’t it. Perhaps we’ll try that next week?

Wednesday we caught up with some friends in fundraising at Red Spice Road. A great conversation about fundraising events was followed by complete silence as we devoured their famous pork dish. A must try if you’re not a vegetarian and enjoy your pork belly!

Thursday morning we caught up with our Twitter and PRIA colleague Dean Mercer over coffee at Cumulus providing another colorful communications conversation.

Now it’s Friday and time to speed through the to do list, clear out the inbox & get ready for a sunny weekend (we hope).

Cheers and happy singing everyone (just not during a live cross!),

Jack and the c word crew

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