Oprah’s holiday slide night is almost here

Australia's red centre (Photography by hekris on Flickr)

Australia's red centre (Photography by hekris on Flickr)


In less than two hours, hundreds of thousands of Australians will start a tour of Australia with Oprah as their guide; a holiday slide show of sorts.

And less than 24 hours after the first of four episodes aired in America, we’ll get to see just how Australia looks through Oprah’s lens.

What will it look like and will it bring millions of people from America and other parts of the world to our shores?

We’ve already seen millions of dollars worth of editorial coverage both domestically and overseas during the eight days she was in Australia. Many would argue this has already returned Australia’s investment. It will be a few months before we start to see an accurate picture of the Oprah-effect but one would imagine there are plenty of people already booking flights and accommodation.

At home, Oprah’s celebration of Australia will no doubt remind us of the wonderful country we live in. From the majestic reefs and tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland to the dramatic red earth at Uluru to our cosmopolitan city centres, Oprah’s footage will provide a much needed lift to our spirits (something she’ll be very happy about) at a time when we really need it.

While a boost to our spirits will be nice, we could also do with a major injection of cash into our economy. Oprah’s shows may just answer Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s call for local and international people to visit the sunshine state. Already, millions of Americans have been targeted as part of a $5 million campaign by Qantas to coincide with the four shows, and then there are the 100+ countries around the world yet to see the episodes. As Oprah said, money can’t buy that sort of coverage!

And if Oprah has anything to do with it she’ll be sending all her ‘friends’ to the country where the people are just so darn friendly.

Now the only question …. when will Oprah be back to inject some of her hard earned cash into the Australia’s tourism economy? Surely she’ll need a break after signing off as the host of the number one daytime talk show.

Let us know what you think of the c-overage … and enjoy the show!


the c word

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