Cellophane Bag: 7 May 2010


Jelly Baby by jimillpicit from flickr

From time to time (hopefully each Friday) we’ll be sharing our cellophane bag of lollies, which instead of gummy bears and raspberry bullets will be filled with a recap of the week’s communications and media news.

And what a great week to start … with all the excitement of the Logies (and I’m not even talking about the event itself).

Sunday’s star studded event saw the launch ofย Brynne Gordon’s new career as a red carpet correspondent for Fox FM. While her designer red frock stole the show, there’s no denying she did a stellar job and I’m sure will be called on again!

But Brynne’s red frock was a distant memory by the middle of the week with the spotlight firmly focused on the tweets of media personalities including the now ex-Age columnist Catherine Deveny.

Deveny and Wil Anderson made headlines with some rather controversial tweets about the Logies, particularly Deveny’s tweets about Bindi Irwin and Rove McManus. It’s been fascinating to watch the comments fly in from both sides of the fence. Who would have thought there were so many opinions in the world of social media … ha ha!

And the highlights from the hatches, matches and dispatches include Telstra’s new director of creativity and innovation, Qantas’ new head of brand and marketing and a great new gig for social media star @skirtforhire who we now know is none other than @karelee_.

And finally, Ray Meagher took home the Gold Logie after more than 20 years playing Home and Away’s Alf Stewart.

So on that note, “stone the flamin’ crows” and have a great weekend!

the c word

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