Leverage your sponsorship


Apart from the usual benefits of brand alignment and media exposure that you can gain from sponsorship, sometimes the little details can make an impact too. There are number of different ways you can leverage your sponsorship investment:

  • Brochure and promotional material placement
  • Develop and supply an electronic pack with your logo and brand elements to ensure it is placed on promotional materials, websites and other channels
  • Website acknowledgement and links back to your own site
  • Secure invites to events and networking opportunities; an ideal way to meet potential clients
  • Have information packs ready with background info, FAQs and fact sheets; these can be used across e-newsletters, websites and even annual reports
  • Secure acknowledgement in annual report
  • Offer to participate in joint case study presentations
  • Provide your own staff for talks and presentations at functions, conferences or staff events
  • Secure referrals to other suppliers and clients

Get creative and come up with your own ideas. Or contact Jack or Maryann on 03 9676 9040 or email info@thecword.com.au. We can work together to find ways to get more value from the money you spend on sponsorships.

Check you later 🙂

the c word

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