Sponsor me, sponsor you


After spending a few weeks developing sponsorship proposals for clients, we thought we would share some pointers to help if you are in the same boat.

Start by answering the three main questions potential sponsors will have:

  1. What is the project/campaign about?
  2. Why are we being approached?
  3. What’s in it for us?

You should answer the first question by painting a picture of your organisation and the project/campaign you are trying to attract sponsorship for. Your response should include:

  • Summary of the project including the project vision
  • Background and experience of the organisation including a brief history and mission
  • Goal and objectives
  • Structure: Is it a festival, exhibition, website or all three?

Secondly, you need to explain why you have decided to approach this particular sponsor. You can set the context for the partnership by providing details such as:

  • Audience profile and alignment with the sponsor
  • Market research
  • Community feedback

Finally, you need to explain what’s in the sponsorship for the sponsor. This is where you should outline:

  • Sponsor benefits: Detail all the marketing opportunities and benefits for the sponsor (make sure you tailor this specifically for each sponsor)
  • Marketing plan: Explain how you will promote the project; via publicity, advertising and social media.

Other things that can come in handy when you’re seeking sponsorship for your event or project include a sponsorship strategy, sponsor profiles and sponsor benefit brainstorming sessions.

If you need more help with your sponsorship proposals, don’t hesitate to call Jack or Maryann on 03 9676 9040 or email info@thecword.com.au.

the c word

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  1. Hi,

    thanks so much for the article! We are currently developing potential sponsorship relationships with different companies for The National Park Tour @ http://www.thenpt.org and your article strikes a chord. Thanks a lot!

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