Noughties by Nature


Marshall McLuhan’s phrase the “the medium is the message” probably had more significance this last decade than ever before. With the Internet, mobile phones and social networking sites flourishing in ways we could not have imagined.

While email remains the most common form of work place communication, it’s not that long ago that we were going through reams and reams of paper to fax media releases, invites and important documents. Remember those days?

An item that’s become as ubiquitous as the fax is the smart phone, which has brought the world to our fingertips. Well perhaps not the world but at the very least Google (same thing, right?). With our BlackBerry or iPhone in hand, we can email, confirm meetings, book interviews, tweet and Facebook from anywhere in the world. And there’s no such thing as downtime, for example, last year, when I put my computer in for a service, my work went on unaffected thanks to my iPhone.

Accessing information is easier than ever before. Who hasn’t been out somewhere and heard someone ask to Google this or Wikipedia that? Trivia nights watch out! And with blogs and RSS feeds, you don’t even need to go looking for information; it comes to you.

One cannot comment on the last decade without mentioning Web 2.0 – first came MySpace, then Facebook shot out of the barrel and then a weird little thing called Twitter.

As communicators, not only did we see the tools by which we communicate change drastically in the last ten years, but we’ve also had to hand over control of the message to the users. Broadcasting to a community has taken a back seat to engaging with it. And I for one like it.

Here’s to Twenty-Ten and the next round of changes.

That’s how we C it!

Stay cool,

the c word

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