P is for Passion (ok not a c word but still important)


P is for passion... we know its not a c word but its important nonetheless

We all love to joke about the refrigerator filled with champagne, the long lunches and launches, and the air kisses *muah*muah* but when all is said and done there is much more to being in PR than that.

First and foremost PR is about commitment and passion. You need to be committed to your client’s brand, to creativity and to the challenge of making the impossible possible. You also have to be driven by passion. You need to live, breath and most of all love the brands and companies you represent … and this really goes for anyone, anywhere working on anything.

Communication is not a 9-5 activity. Communicators, particularly publicists need to be thinking about their brands 24/7. They might meet a potential customer on the weekend, they might read an interesting blog late one night or they might be at an amazing event with the perfect audience for their client … wherever, whenever they should always be thinking ‘how can I put my client in this picture?’.


While Edwina and Patsy spent most of their time in a champagne induced coma there were moments of pure clarity when you could see them both thinking of opportunities for their clients. Whether it was thinking about opportunities for cross platform promotions or interesting publicity stunts.

It’s an oldy but a goody but in order for people to be excited about your brands or the brands you represent you need to be passionate and excited about them yourself. Think about a time you’ve been served by a sales assistant who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and now compare that to a time you’ve been served by a person who lives, breathes and worships the brand – is there a difference??? Of course there is. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

absolutely fabulous

Communication is also about creativity (a very important c word that every communication professional shouldn’t leave home without).

The crew from Prentiss McCabe in Absolute Power are constantly showing off their creativity. Every day they come together and brainstorm wild and wacky ideas to promote their clients. Everyone should take some time to watch an episode or two of Absolute Power and then go back to their offices and brainstorm.


You also need to be passionate about your audience and committed to knowing their wants and needs. The best way to do this is to immerse yourself in their lives. Now I’m not saying that you need to go and live with them (although it can’t hurt) but you should read what they’re reading, drink at places they are visiting, shop at stores they are buying from and talk to people they listen to. Read their blogs, watch their movies, listen to their music – come to know what they love.

Remember as a communicator you are the ambassador for your brand so you should be able to answer the simple question of “why do you love it so much?”


Have a safe weekend

the c word

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